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Global study is central to 8B's mission. We support African students with global ambitions through a range of articles covering the tools and knowledge they need to succeed on a international scale.

Canada is a popular destination for international students thanks to its excellent schools and straightforward visa regime. Get familiar with the 6-step process to apply for a Canadian work visa to better understand your earning options as a student and graduate.

The United Kingdom boasts some of the best universities in the world and top-tier global companies. African students thinking about studying and working in the UK should read this 5-step guide to work visas in the UK.

The US is a popular place for international students to study, live, and work. However, navigating the country's complicated visa regime can be daunting. We break it down into 8 steps and walk through the numerous visa options for students and recent graduates.

Working abroad, whether it's while you are studying or after you graduate, can be beneficial to your career and your finances. Doing so will require a work visa (or permit) from your host country. Here's what you need to consider.

Studying in a new country can be daunting. But for those with the right mindset and proper preparations, the rewards can be tremendous.

Recommendation letters add validation to your application materials. Good recommendation letters start with a few key steps. We unpack what you need to know to put your best foot forward.

Your personal essay is the best chance you have to imbue personality and individuality into your application. We help you make the most of this opportunity with 8 simple steps.

Being accepted to a college or university is thrilling. However, as you consider your options, it's important to use your head more than your heart. Here are some tips on what to do once the acceptance letters start arriving.

There are three main kinds of financial assistance that African students can explore to finance studies abroad: scholarships, personal income, and loans. We break down each.

Securing a scholarship is not easy, but the benefits of applying can be significant. We help you make sense of the process and keep a sense of perspective about this competitive process.

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