Frequently Asked Questions

Student & Parent FAQs

What is 8B?
What does “8B” mean?
What kinds of financing options does 8B offer?
Does 8B provide scholarships?
Do you fund all African students who have an offer to a global university?
Who can apply for funding?
Do students require a co-signer in order to apply?
What is the role of a reputational guarantor?
How does the selection process work?
How about students who do not get approved?
How is funding for an approved application disbursed?
Are funding decisions contingent on the chosen program/discipline of study?
Does 8B assist with college applications?

Investor FAQs

Why tertiary education?
How does 8B manage defaults?
Does 8B promote braindrain?
What is 8B’s role in career advancement for African students?
How does 8B measure success?

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