We provide affordable financing for African students in global universities


We estimate that African students in global universities face a $25B/year financing gap


Scholarships and household incomes are insufficient


Government and philanthropy cannot meet demand at scale


Private loans are inaccessible without credit history, collateral or co-signers, due to risk concerns

We are changing that...

8B Transforms Student Outcomes

We provide the first end-to-end solution enabling African brilliance to have a global impact.

To help students succeed we provide an ecosystem of support:


Access to free, curated, relevant information & resources designed to help you succeed on a global scale


Browse a database of scholarships for African applicants alongside comparison tools for best-fit private financing


Get application organization, document storage, and document review all in one central place


Prepare for a global career with our job search platform and learning pathways designed to upskill

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We're changing how African students access global education

What People Are Saying

"My top 3 tips for young, ambitious Africans: Take the initiative: don’t wait to hear about career opportunities. Be assertive: don’t be afraid to apply when other students might be competing for the same job or internship. Be open to all opportunities: you never know where it will lead."

Dancan Onyango, 8B Scholar


Master of Business Administration Babson College

“If it is true that ability is evenly distributed across the world, then the next Nobel Prize-potential mathematician may well be in Accra or Yaoundé. 8B seeks to head-hunt the best and brightest Africans wherever they may be found on the African continent and facilitate their education in leading global universities, thereby enabling them to meet their potential.”

Dr. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah


Former Minister of Education, Ghana

"The most surprising thing when I was seeking funding was the limited options for international students. Most graduate schools do not offer financial aid. 8B funding was able to support part my tuition, and I am very grateful for that."

Nifasha Rusibamayila, 8B Scholar


School of Public Health, Boston University

"Today, accessing world-class education depends on the twin lottery of parental wealth and scholarships. Building an inclusive 21st century requires us to take income inequality seriously, use philanthropy to leverage investment capital, and exponentially unlock financing and human potential at a global scale. 8B is the revolution we need."

Oyama Mabandla, 8B Advisor

South Africa

Former Chairman, Vodacom Group (South Africa)

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8B Partners With Colleges & Universities

We work with global colleges and universities to attract, recruit, finance, and retain brilliant African students.

  • We transform low-information potential students into right-fit applicants through access to preparatory resources and counselling.
  • We provide admitted students with funding options including information on scholarships and affordable gap financing.
  • Schools can be confident that a student from the 8B community has a greater awareness of what to expect of a global university, as well as the tools, resources, and a community they can lean on for support.
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8B Connects Employers to African Talent

We facilitate access to the world’s fastest growing, and most under-tapped talent pool: exceptional and highly motivated African students and graduates.

We prepare graduates for global success


Africans entering the global workforce receive ongoing coaching with qualified 8B mentors.


Graduates and students complete custom-designed learning pathways - prior to connecting with potential employers


Our program focuses on development in professional communication, teamwork, critical thinking, and other soft skills critical to success in a globalized world.

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Why Choose Us ?


We offer students options. They can choose the kinds of support they need - university search, application prep, financing, networking, or career building. We're here through the entire process.

Value Added

Students get access to FREE services, including 8B-curated resources on writing, testing, financial literacy, and stories from current and former African global students on how to build success.


We Focus exclusively on the african continent because those students have overcome impossible challenges to become the next Global Generation.

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